What’s the difference between SEO writer and Freelance writer?


Question by Kyro: What’s the difference between SEO writer and Freelance writer?
I’m a bit confuse right now. I did some researching but I still need a few information to convince myself.
Anyway, from what I have understood a freelance writer can also work as an SEO writer. Please help, I’m planning to study and take it as a profession. I’ll gladly wait for your answers. Thanks.

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Answer by DavidJSneen
The SEO writer is writing for the search engines. You want to write articles that will rank up to 5 keywords—including short keyword combinations, high on the search engines. The writer must use them in headlines, at the start of the article, italicize them, and use them often.

When writing for my blog, I often write an article, and then go back and slip in keywords wherever possible. You want your keywords (up to 5 short combinations of words) to take 3-5% of your article. Anything more takes away from your content, and you will get penalized for it.

The freelancer is just writing articles.

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Rich Jeffersons

Seo Writer is the type of writer who writes more about SEO and search engines..Things about on page and off page optimization, updates and latest trends on SEO, updates about Google and other search engines..These are the scope of the content of an SEO writer..

Freelance Writer, it can also writes about SEO but not his forte or expertise..This kind of writer can write content or articles about anything..

Hal Smith

SEO writers are the writers that specifically writer for website constant which is rich in SEO keywords. Freelance writers are people that work independently and do not hold a permanent position in an org or company.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant


A freelance writer is anyone who writes on their own through freelancing. This could be for a magazine, blog, etc. An SEO writer that is not working in house for an agency is also a “Freelance” writer, but their job is going to be a little bit different depending on the company you are working for. Typically SEO Writers are paid lower wages or on an article basis to write on a very specific topic. While freelance writers working in creative outlets can spend time researching, etc., most SEO writer’s seem to be forced to write as fast as they can for the best value which does not always provide the best user experience.

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