What is your perception of a freelance writer?

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Question by LM: What is your perception of a freelance writer?
How do you view a freelance writer? both as a person and as a contributor to society.

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Answer by baabaabaa
A freelance writer is someone who earns all or part of his/her living by writing for a variety of publications. They are self-employed — independent, i.e. not affiliated with a publisher or publication. They can be writer-researchers who do their homework on a topic and then write an article about it. They can write for someone else (ghost writer) and then have what they write published under that someone else’s name. They also do editing for writers of scientific or other professional publications who have a topic they want published but lack the writing skills to present it as a readable article. In other words, there are loads of opportunities for free lancers, but it’s a crowded field and not easy to get published. I wouldn’t count on it for a steady income until you have tons of experience and good connections in the publishing world.

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KK [just is]

As a freelance writer with very little work coming in and not a lot of opportunities, life sucks.

I contribute little to society these days as far as writing goes. I do offer as much as I can by helping friends when they need it or helping fellow writers.

For some freelancers the work is steady and can be a variety of gigs from journalism to technical writing to copywriting. I used to do journalism but moved into copywriting. Now, with limited opportunities, a struggling economy, and a lot of competition (both good and bad) the work is minimal at best and pay is low.

*sigh* I hate unemployment.

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